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About our Firewood

Our firewood is some of the best in the state of Minnesota.

All of our firewood is harvested in Minnesota from state land. A permit is obtained from the Minnesota Department of Natural Recourses. The Department of Natural Recourses carefully regulates the harvesting of tree's from state land, and replaces the harvesting of tree's with young saplings to make sure their is plenty of wood for years to come.

After the tree is harvested, it goes through a rigorous and time consuming process. 1st the tree must be cut down, then loaded onto a semi for transportation to the mill. Then it must be cut into the standard firewood length of 16", then split into small hand sized pieces so it is easy to handle.

Then the firewood must be carefully stacked and allowed to dry/season for two years before it can be sold on the open marked and to the consumer so that it is dry enough to burn.

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